Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week Eleven: Corning Preserve Trail Bike Ride, Albany & Watervliet, New York

 The weather was so beautiful this weekend and I wanted to do something to enjoy this unseasonably warm March.  I’ve been to the Corning Trail before but never on a bike.  I have a bike but rarely ride it.  To me, there’s something terrifying about riding my bike around lots of cars and people.  When I suggested a bike ride, I was afraid Mr. Free Albany would want to ride our bike through the city of Albany and to the Corning Trail.  I would have been scared but I probably would have done it.  Luckily, he knows me well enough, he didn’t even mention it.  When I walked outside to get my bike, he was loading the bikes on the car.  It’s nice being married to someone so thoughtful!

In case you don’t know, the Corning Trail goes along the Hudson River from Albany to Watervliet.  We started at Albany’s Riverfront Park.  The sky was overcast and cloudy at first but the sun soon came out and the day got warm.  We went at a leisurely pace and I was surprised at how good I felt on a bike.  I’m not bad at riding but since I rarely do, I’m a little wobbly when I get nervous.

It started out hazy but the sun soon came out
We weren’t the only ones who thought of spending the day on the Corning Trail.  Runners, walkers, and fellow bikers were out in full force.  Although there were a lot of people, the trail never seemed crowded and we mostly rode alone.  The March sun felt good on my deprived skin.

Along the trail there are several benches and grassy areas that would be great for a picnic.  There is also an area with picnic tables and outdoor grills.  Mr. Free Albany mentioned a Burger King in Watervliet and since there are free French fries this weekend, we decided to ride all the way there.  Two free things in one day?  It’s too good to be true!

And indeed it was…

We got off the trail in Watervliet and I was under the impression that the Burger King was right around the corner.  After following Mr. Free Albany for what felt like forever, I started to doubt him.  We rode on a major road which terrified me, but I was doing okay until my wheel hit the curb and I almost crashed.  I then started to panic and was convinced that every car that passed me was going to hit me.  Luckily, there was a sidewalk close by, and I quickly pedaled to more comfortable ground.

We pedaled and pedaled some more through Watervliet.  When we came upon the Price Chopper plaza, Mr. Free Albany looked at me with that face I know all too well.  The Burger King he was thinking of was actually a McDonald’s.

I was starving and since there was a Subway in the plaza, we stopped there.  We had a Subway gift card that had some money on it, so we used that for lunch.  Then, tempted by the alluring image of the Shamrock Shake, we stopped and bought one.  It wasn’t free but it was really, really good.  I’ve never had a Shamrock Shake before but now I’m a fan.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until next year to get another one.

Our ride back was fast and pretty uneventful.  I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with how I held up on such a long ride.  The longest I’ve ever biked before this was 6 miles, and that was 4 years ago.  I know my butt will be sore tomorrow, but I’ll deal with that then.

The Corning Trail is a great way to get outside and appreciate the beautiful Hudson River.  My advice is to stay on the trail though, and not go randomly riding around Watervliet.  Unless you’re into that kind of stuff.
Albany skyline on the way home

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