Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week Sixteen: Tulips in Washington Park, Albany, New York

I love the tulips in Washington Park.  They’re like old friends that you can count on seeing every year.  Over 100,000 bulbs bloom in the park; all of them unique and beautiful.  In May, Tulip Fest (which I plan on going to) celebrates these beautiful blooms but I also like to visit the tulips without all of the crowds.  

Located by the Moses statue, the tulips attract thousands of visitors a year.  My favorite tulip kept changing.  There are brightly colored ones, furry looking ones, and even tulips that look more like a tropical plant than an actual tulip.  There were quite a few visitors taking pictures of the blooms but it wasn’t too crowded.  Tulip Fest isn’t until May 12th and 13th and I’m not sure how many tulips will still be blooming by then.  I suggest going now before it’s too late!

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